Abandoned Cemeteries | Part 1

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Cemetery of Kisújbánya

Kisújbánya (German: Neuglashütte) is a little rural village in Hungary, Baranya county.
It was founded in 1762 by German-speaking people engaged in glassmaking. The village was originally referred to as Vitriaria Nova, Neue Glashütte (New Glass Hut), and its chapel was built in 1794 in honor of St. Martin.

The glassworks in Kisújbánya operated between 1762-1784. After the closing of the glassworks, the inhabitants lived mainly from mountain-type cow farming. As Kisújbánya has always been a secluded forest settlement, its inhabitants were self-sufficient in almost every area of ​​life.

In 1785, 174 people lived in the village, and by the 19th century, this number had doubled. By 1941, the population was around 300 and then steadily declining.

Under the socialist era, the state settlement policy made the life of small villages impossible. The shop and the school were closed, and they didn't build an asphalt road to Kisújbánya. As a result, it became completely depopulated in a few years in the early 1970s. The inhabitants settled in the surrounding villages.

Currently, Kisújbánya has just a few permanent residents, most of the owners use the buildings as weekend houses, or they let them out to tourists. The owners of the houses are obligated to preserve the traditional architectural forms.

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