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Beef Noodle Soup

Pork Steamed Bun

Dan Bing - a breakfast pancake: egg, bacon and pancake. So delicious.

Weekly Dumpling Night: sour and spicy dumpling soup, with friend vegetable potstickers. James has shredded pork and salted cabbage noodle soup with pork dumplings.

Bubble milk tea: sweet tea with a lot of milk and tapioca bubbles. At first, revolting, but now I love it. It's nice hot or cold; we'll really miss it when we leave!

Lunch: an assortment of meat (not sure what it is - maybe heart, intestine and tongue), with pork and meatball soup and fried noodles.

Hot pot: vegetables and meat boiled in a broth with rice or noodles. Delicious!

Din Tai Fung: The only chain restaurant in the world with a michelin star. Pork chop noodle soup and crab and pork xiaolongbao (soup dumplings).

Chocolate Xiaolongbao (dumpling). MIND BLOWING.

Sweet snow mushroom soup (desert).

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