Cheng Huang Temple (City God Temple)

by Hollydobson1405 January. 30, 2017 744 views

A famous Taoist temple in Hsinchu City - inside has a huge food market within the temple. This is particularly busy day, as it's Chinese New Year's Day, so it's particularly busy. It was so interesting to see how locals worship.

Hsinchu meatballs - gelatin covering with meat stuffed inside. Strange, especially before they're cooked.

Zongzi - sticky rice, with meat or vegetables filling, wrapped in leaves and string to keep their shape and to keep them warm. They are common in Taiwan, especially during Dragon Festival.

Theatre in the temple.

Each person will buy a bunch of incense and walk around the temple anti-clockwise. They will make their prayers and wishes, and even burn money, and then throw 3 sticks into the burner they are praying at. It's thought that the smoke and smell will attract the attention of the spirit realm.

A huge furnace in the temple: locals will throw wishes and money into it for their ancestors and good luck for their families for the coming year. The pollution has got so bad that the government have asked people to burn cheques instead.

People leave food offerings for their gods and ancestors.

A very busy day at the temple food market.

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