Memories with Unforgettable Friends.

by Hollydobson1405 February. 04, 2017 358 views


A day of fun at Hsinchu Glass Museum, watching how glass is blown for 45 minutes and then... well, missing the most important part because we were giggling! :)

:) I'll miss Sarah so much: such a unique and gentle spirit.

Nanliao Fishing Port is famous for kite flying: Lisa brought her kite along from when she was younger and we had some fun. The kite flying itself wasn't so successful, but it was hilarious.

Lisa in Action.

It's very common for people to 'dress up' their dogs in Taiwan. There are stalls in Night Markets full of clothes for pets, along with many Doggy Spas. Most people have tiny dogs that they carry everywhere and take to the mall.

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