Trans-Siberian Express: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

by Hollydobson1405 April. 13, 2017 1091 views

Our breakfast: overly sweet bread that will probably never mould with peanut butter and jam (not so slimming world); our corridor; catching up on journal writing (dead hand); happy to be on board; train selfie; James is a happy badger; the dining cart; our cabin; the beginnings of a fraught and tense Uno tournament - how else do you spend 27 hours?

Our views of desolate China (1-3); a frozen river in Mongolia; free meal tickets; a local village we passed through; bunkers in the distance; Ulaanbaatar railway station; a small village in the hills in the outskirts of China.

Ulaanbaator city centre: what a surprise! Fabulous city; some traditional food; train station; outer ger city in the suburbs of the city - people who want to live in the city, but don't want to give up their gers will live here.

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