Terelj National Park & Meditation Centre, Mongolia.

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This is a different version of the mantra wheels in the temple: you turn the wheel and the big dial at the top will point to a number. Once you walk toward the meditation centre, there are boards along the path - you find your number and read your mantra. Mantra lucky dip!

Our lovely guide, Senna, taking us to the meditation centre.

More mantra wheels.

The green grandpa: a man wanted to take revenge on his uncle for mistreating him and leaving him an orphan, he spent years trying to find him, found him, killed him, but couldn't find peace and satisfaction. He asked buddha for redemption and forgiveness and help to find inner peace. Buddha said he would help him, but only if he build a nine story building, knocked it down, and made it again 9 times. He did this, and ate nothing but grass during it (hence the green colour), but still couldn't find peace. He teaches buddhist people that you mustn't hold grudges, and must let ill feelings pass through you, as you'll never truly be satisfied.

Buddhist/Mongolian symbol of infinity.

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Ram Ya 4 years, 3 months ago

I have heard that Mongolia had Buddhist monasteries but I have never seen a photo before.
Thanks for taking all of us with you :)

4 years, 3 months ago Edited
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