Stolby Nature Reserve, Krasnoyarsk.

by Hollydobson1405 April. 23, 2017 756 views

The final look of our hike, before we took the chairlift down the ski slopes; more rock formations and our lovely guide Anatoly, who brought us a picnic lunch; James looking out from 'hard rock cafe', or 'fourth rock' as it's more commonly known; James and lots of silver birch trees; happiness; Look out over second rock; insight into our hike; people standing on top of 'first rock' - some of the rocks are far too dangerous to climb, but people still do - with no ropes or safety gear.

Sinners rock: it is a myth that travellers will stand under and clap 3 times - if the rock doesn't fall on you, you have no sins and are okay to continue to hike. There's a big boulder underneath where 'it has fallen' before.

It is the beginning of tic season in Russia - the tics are known to carry diseases like Lyme disease and Japanese encephalitis. If you place your hand on an ants nest, they climb on and spray 'acid' which has a strong smell, which tics don't like. Natural tic repellent.

After 19km, and 8 hours walking, this was heaven!

Our 19km hike: beautiful views from 'second rock'; lots of ice and snow; more snow; more views; J&H at Second rock viewpoint; Grandfather rock; snow topped rocks; Feathers rock; View of the valley we'd walked from.

Our spectacular view from 3rd rock; forest or 'tiger' which is the term for it in Russia; more woods; more spectacular views; J&H on second rock; Grandfather rock; snow topped rocks; feathers rock; the valley we had walked from!

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