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My name is Peter. Originally from Denmark, but now living in Israel, near Jerusalem.

As the name of the blog reveals, I am focused on what is known as the Holy Land, which today would be Israel, Palestine, and parts of Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. My education is focused on this mythical land of legends, as well as in religion. More precisely I have an MA in Modern Middle Eastern studies, focused on sociology and anthropology of religion in Israel, as well as graduate studies in Religious Studies, focusing on the comparative history of the Abrahamic religions in the Holy Land, and the comparative study of Jewish and Islamic law.

Recently I've been struck by photography, which gives me the perfect medium to share stories from the Holy Land, showing visually how she looks, and how life was and is conducted here. This is much more fun and comes much more easy to me, than writing academic texts about a land and her people, which is so full of life, that no dry academic text can do it justice. So with this blog I am trying to capture the Holy Land and share her stories with the readers.


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