Cream Puffs and Dark Lights

by Honeysuckle March. 08, 2011 1462 views

Full album HERE [].

1. No idea who took this. Zilin, maybe? I volunteered to be Cherith's photographer for the day. She kept on teasing me how dark the pictures turned out, but she was the one who instructed me to not use flash! *o* The department's light does not help either.

2. Cherith's Dad took this because I was whining that I didn't have a picture with the rest of them XD

3. I feel as if Sir Dean's looking at me X_X He even taught me how to use Che's DSLR! Gaaaahd. During the whole defense, he was continuously taunting me, even during times when I was taking pictures. I am so his favorite :| Not sure if it's in a good way.

SO SCARED OF MY OWN DEFENSE. They are my set of panels too.

4. Feeling photographer. Haha! Aside from taking people's pictures, I love food photography, too :)

5. SMILE. We are such supportive friends :)

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