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Hoosier At HeART..... you can take a girl away from Indiana (700 miles away) but you can't take the Hoosier out of her. Whether you know it or not someone from Indiana is called a "Hoosier". I come from a long line of proud farmers; we love the land, corn, the Indy 500 and of course, basketball!
It is from growing up with fields and nature around me that I get my inspiration, no matter where on this beautiful green earth I go. Whether my art is painting or photography, nature is usually at the heart of my Art.

If you wonder about my profile picture, well I did not follow instructions...for a class while getting my Masters I was suppose to create a self-portrait but of course I would rather paint nature. So I decided that my "self-portrait" should have wings and represent my artistic spirit.

I love creating art but spend more time leading others to create art as my profession is an art teacher. I dream of the day I can retire and spend time traveling the world and trying to capture its beauty through painting and photography.


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