A Day in Mandvi

by Piotr B April. 23, 2020 245 views

Mandvi is a town situated in the west of India in the State of Gujarat. It is known for its shipbuilding industry that dates back four hundred years. Until today, local men construct traditional sailing vessels (dhows) out of massive timbers from Malaysia. All by hand. The dhows are made to order for the well heeled customers from the Arab world.

Indian hustle and bustle make the town a fascinating place to walk around. Enjoy a day in Mandvi.

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Steveandjustyna 7 months ago

#2 Wow!!! An impressive ship!!! Made me think of a Noah's Arc smile

7 months ago Edited
Piotr B Replied to Steveandjustyna 6 months, 4 weeks ago

You got it right, althouth it would be more suitable for rodents or poultry than a pair of giraffes or elephants. Not to mention whales... on second thoughts, the latter would not be worried about the flood anyway 😀.

6 months, 4 weeks ago Edited
Benny Law 7 months ago

Great travel post. The map at the end is a nice touch.

7 months ago Edited
Piotr B Replied to Benny Law 7 months ago

Hi Benny, Thank you. I like maps very much and I think it is a good idea to show the audience where an odd island or forgotten village are. Enjoy my posts!

7 months ago Edited
Antonio Gil 7 months ago

Love these street portraits. Well done

7 months ago Edited
Piotr B Replied to Antonio Gil 7 months ago

Thanks, Antonio. India is so photogenic...

I have just started blogging this week. I am happy when other people enjoy my photographs and travel stories. Enjoy your weekend.

7 months ago Edited
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