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My name is Piotr. Travel and photography have been my passion ever since.

Back in 1970s, I helped my father in his darkroom, mixed sodium thiosulfate with water, developed negatives and played with the enlarger. I also tried his still and movie cameras out.

When I started hitch hiking around Europe and beyond, I bought myself a Minolta X300s to take pictures for my travel diary. After the camera was stolen in Kenya, I picked Pentax MZ-something at Schiphol Airport Duty Free. It served me well until Sony released their Cyber Shot DSC F707.

Once my beloved F707 gave itself up to the dust of Atacama Desert, I switched to a six-megapixel Casio. In those times, a one-gigabyte SD card cost me a whopping 400 euros, one third of the price of LAN Chile flight from Amsterdam to Easter Island and back. Then came Cyber Shot R1 with its lovely Zeiss lens, then a couple of half-frame DSLRs.

Today I am happy to travel whenever and wherever I wish, be it cycling along The Rivers Rhine or Mosel, taking a train across India or flying to El Salvador. Because of hand luggage size restrictions, I resorted to an iPhone and Sony RX100 VI.

I hope you will enjoy flipping through "Horizon". I will also be happy to find inspiration while looking at the pictures and reading stories of fellow Photobloggers.


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