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I love photography. I love sharing the beauty around me with those who might not otherwise stop to see it. While I do enjoy the personal satisfaction of a well-timed shot, I want my photos to have a greater purpose than that. I want them to point to Jesus. You see, sunsets, oceans, mountains, forests, and even cities built with human hands, provide excellent vehicles for expressing God's Word. It is with that inspiration that I pursue photography not just as a hobby, but as a ministry that glorifies the One who saved me.

For more than a quarter-century, I just didn't get it. Sure, I thought I was a good person. I was a good student in school, and my extreme shyness even helped keep me from getting into many of the indiscretions that often accompany young adulthood. I even managed to write for an ad agency straight out of college. While that may sound a like a bit of a brag, I realize now that none of that mattered outside the context of a saving faith in Christ. I thought I was on the right track, but I was a dunce when it came to matters of faith. For the first few years of our marriage, my wife and I were on the same page in that department. Fortunately, the Lord reached both of us through some very humbling life experiences. Today, we can look back on those times with thanksgiving for how the Lord used these experiences to open our eyes, and we feel reassured that He continues to mold us in our roles as spouses, parents, and forgiven children of God. I used to depend heavily on my own ability. Now I depend on His ability to work through me. You see, the measure of a successful life is not determined by what we accomplish, but what Christ is allowed to accomplish through us.

If you don't know Christ, sincerely ask Him to meet you where you are, cleanse your heart, and change you from the inside out. He really does want a relationship with you, no how many mistakes you have made or what cultural background you come from.


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