Teenagers vs. Sleep

by Hvyearbook June. 14, 2017 865 views

In this modern age with media and technology, teenagers are constantly on social media chatting with friends and looking at the new memes that are floating around. While all of this is normal for a teenager to do, teens are staying up late talking on social media and its taking away from their precious sleep. Teenagers need at least 8-10 hours of sleep to function properly. They need a lot of sleep because their brains are developing and working hard to function their growing body. If teens do not get the right amount of sleep, they will lose abilities to learn, have moody behaviors, more prone to acne, will eat more unhealthy and gain weight, and have a higher chance of getting into alcohol or drugs.

If teens just simply put their phone down at night or do their homework earlier, they will not stay up at outrageous hours and they will get the sleep they deserve and need.

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