Geert Hvid's Nature Posts

Autumn is also the right time to use the moisture in the air and the low sun to get spiderwebs in the box. Could also associate to the wild wild web.

I have a couple of small birds jumping around doing whatever birds are doing. In the meanwhile the local cat came around to look for a delicious snack.

Autumn gives a lot of opportunities to find small objects to photograph. With these branches I used a white cardboard as background and to isolate them and a…

Its a very long time since I have been in a Zoo. So now we planned it as a family get together and had a very good time. The next portraits are not family.

Testing my new telelense adapter and this was the result. Sometimes something happens you can't explain.

The Kings Oak is estimated to be around 1.900 years old, and it has been up to 14 meter in circumference. Not so impressing today - but still living.

I can see something is going on with flowers right now. So here is my input, using my own appletree as model.