Geert Hvid's Special Posts

Impressing number of lights at Tivoli garden in Copenhagen. Should have brought my tripod - but I think the images tells the story anyhow.

In Denmark we have a very strong sunshine at the time being. So why not use it to look for and experiment with shadows.

Before summer vacation we had a demonstration of tameshigiri (cutting bamboo with a sharp katana) in my martial art club.

A night trip to the construction site where the Danish Road Directorate is going to build a new bridge across Roskilde Fjord connecting Frederikssund and…

Working with high contrast black & white images. First image is a stairway from a Metro station. Second image is a treetop. Third image a stack of metal with…

The Danish Alzheimer union asked for pictures of curly brains to support their focus on braindiseases. So I took a self portrait with my special lens.

Just pointed my camera vertical in the air. Have no idea what I got. So I think I need some more basic knowledge of the stars and where to find what.