First House!

by Gene And Christine Hynson November. 30, 2017 2205 views

June 2017

Christine and I begun our search for a home. We wanted to move in around December 2017 and were interested in new development. After looking at several neighborhoods in the Charleston area, we decided on Carolina Bay!

Centex / Pulte Homes has built all of the homes in the Carolina Bay neighborhood. Roughly 1800 in all. Our home is within one of the final development stages for the neighborhood. Carolina Bay has several parks, pools, and it's own fire station. There are even Food Truck Friday's and an old school bus with a farmer's market inside that comes sometimes!

After doing a lot of math trying to figure out how much house we could afford, Christine and I settled on a budget. Centex had many floor plans to choose from - we decided we preferred the Aspire.

Once all the paperwork was done, the fun began! We were given two weeks to customize our house, upgrade features, etc. Centex had two models for us to browse the relevant options. Here are some of the things we got to customize!

  • Lot choice
  • Floor plan
  • Exterior color
  • Interior color
  • Appliance package
  • Type of granite counter tops
  • Cabinet colors
  • Square or circle sink bowls
  • Type of kitchen sink
  • Flooring material and style for each room
  • Windows on garage
  • Screened porch
  • Etc, Etc, Etc...

This was probably my favorite part. It is so exciting to be able to create your customized house that doesn't exist yet! It was also pretty stressful since we were trying to stay within our budget. We ended up deciding to opt-in to upgrades we couldn't change later and decided we would do some of the easier stuff ourselves.

July 2017

Now we wait. It took 6 weeks for the city to approve the construction. Somewhere halfway through that wait I honestly forgot about it!

Nothing there yet...

Nothing there yet...

August 2017

Something is happening! The build has started!

Foundation is laid!

Foundation is laid!

Christine and I were thrilled to see that our foundation had been laid! However...we were also a little dismayed because it felt quite small at this stage.

Everyone told us that we were going to see rapid acceleration at this point. They weren't wrong! About a week later the framing began. What a thrill! Now we could walk through the first floor of our home! I kid you not about 3 days later we had a second story!

September 2017

And several days after that...we had a roof!



Now the excitement really began! It started to actually feel real...we would be living here one day soon!

We didn't have to use our imaginations anymore...we could actually walk through both stories of our house! Christine began planning the interior scheme of our house right away.

Christine deep in thought...

Christine deep in thought...

Most of my photos at this point are of the interior of the home. I took pictures of every wall, every pipe, every electrical wire, etc. It's all documented so I know exactly where all the important utilities in my home are located behind the drywall!

Towards the end of the month, our house was wrapped and windows were installed! The builder called us to the home for a planned meeting to discuss the progress that had been made, to show us some of the unique features Centex puts into their homes, and to help us become familiar with what is happening behind the drywall. We figured we were about half way at this point and it was a perfect photo op!

Halfway there!

Halfway there!

October 2017

Christine and I believe that it's important to dedicate our home to God! Building this house gave us the perfect opportunity to permanently mark our home with scripture.

One of many verses written in our house

One of many verses written in our house

Days later, we drove by shocked to see that all our siding had been installed! Even though this probably was a pretty simple task, it felt like a huge step forward in the overall build process!

Naturally, the focus of the work on our home transitioned to the interior. Drywall, cabinets, and countertops were installed.

At this point our house felt huge. Way bigger than we expected it to feel. At 2200 sq ft we figured that was almost double the size of our apartment...seemed adequate. But wow! If this space is truly twice the size of our apartment, then I feel like my apartment must be measured wrong. Nevertheless, we were thrilled!

Right at the end of the month, we started seeing some action on the exterior of the home again!

Driveway perhaps?

Driveway perhaps?

November 2017

This was the month! Reality began to set in. The interior of the house finished out really quickly. Appliances were installed! Flooring laid! Trim! Granite! Toilets! A/C! Lighting! Backsplash! Paint!

Every visit we were greeted with something new to be excited about.

We did encounter one problem. The wrong appliances were installed in our home. There was a miscommunication between us and the builder, but thankfully our fantastic realtor convinced the builder to be flexible with us and get them replaced. Thanks, Centex!

At at last, our closing was scheduled for November 28th.

And voila, our kitchen (old appliances still):

So a couple notes here. Remember how I said Christine and I decided to do some of the upgrades ourselves after the home was built to stay within our budget? Well we walked into our kitchen with the vinyl flooring and quickly prioritized laminate flooring! (There will be another blog post...)

Right around this time we had our "final walk-through" with the builder. This was our opportunity to point out defects in the home that the builder might not have noticed. We found a few things...but nothing major at all. Mostly touch-ups with the paint, trim or drywall.

November 28th 2017

This is the day!! We are going to get super into debt and then own our first home!! Due to city inspectors being on vacation, our closing was delayed from 10am to 4pm. Talk about anxiety!

But finally, it happened. We got the set of keys to our first home.

And boy is she a 'beaut! Now begins the wonderful journey of being's a quick draft of our project list BEFORE we move in:

  • Install garage door opener
  • Remove carpet for laminate floor installation
  • Hang 7 ceiling fans
  • Install fridge
  • Install washer/dryer
  • Put hardware in cabinets

Let the ((work)) fun begin!

Victory! She is complete!

Victory! She is complete!

And beyond...

Thanks for reading! We'll add more posts as the projects and move commence!

— Gene

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Harlan 3 years, 5 months ago

Congrats on the new digs. Can't wait to see it!

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Congratulations on your new home!

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Camellia Staab 3 years, 5 months ago

Congratulations on your new acquisition. Hope you have lots of fun and happy memories in your new house smile

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