Barn Burner: Part Two

by Nevin Smith April. 21, 2011 2060 views

mom here: Thank you, firefighters, for giving Nevin this chance. You made his day, as he blessed us all with his excited “chatter” after the “work” was done!
*check out the video on mom's blog: []

The firemen try to line up for picture.

But it is too hot. Run!

Fire is big.


Very hot. Back up!

Smoke goes up in the sky.


Barn falls down.

Firefighter sprays water.

Hot fire on face.

Corn bin gets hot. Spray with water. Cool down.

Fireman asks me if I want to help. YES!!!!! Helps me put on coat.

Show me how turn on water.

Spray corn bin with water.

Get wet.

Champion firefighter!!

Help take coat off. Thank you!!


Barn gone!

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