Nevin Smith's PhotoBlog

******************** “FINALLY” as Nevin would say…… vacation to Florida. Our first ever “big” vacation with just us and Nevin. He always keeps it fun.

******** . I have a new iphone….. obviously have a little to learn about how to use the camera in it :) ]

*********** we used to babysit for Julie and Nevin adored her. He hasn't gotten to see her for almost two years and was thrilled to get to hold her at the…

******* stayed tuned for tomorrows post….. very special person at the party…. got his picture taken with that special person!

***************************** Mom here: I can't stop him from growing up!! :) my feeling about it on my blog:

******** mom here: Thank you, firefighters, for giving Nevin this chance. You made his day, as he blessed us all with his excited “chatter” after the “work”…

************** Nevin put in lot's of hours watching Hannah play volleyball. He was very excited and PROUD today to be the brother of the COACH. :)