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I am 27 years old. I love movies, Star Wars and Playstation2 and playstation 3 games. I love spending time with my family and friends......... oh, yeah, I also happen to have Down Syndrome.

*note from mom:
This was an incredible vehicle to help Nevin share about his life. My original goal was to give him a place to write "stories". But we found it to be a wonderful option to give other people in his life some "context" when they saw him, because having some context often helps to understand what he is saying.

Nevin has an iPhone now that is equipped with a special program (www.proloquo2go.com) to help him communicate when he's not able to be understood. In the process of learning to use it more efficiently, we have started writing stories with it.

Thanks for visiting, it's usually good for a smile.

Laurie (Nevin's mom)


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