Enchanted Kingdom Moments

by Kevin Icabales January. 16, 2017 6430 views

This is a series of photos taken during the Volunteers' Appreciation of Victory Fort. Let me show you some highlights on how we enjoyed every memory that we had during this trip.


Victory Fort Production Ministry walking around.

Wait, just a second... drop - EKstreme

A perspective shot of EKstreme and a tree.

A Victory Group Leader walks with her red umbrella on a blue scene.

Looks like his arm is an extension of the Roller Skater ride.

Our friend enjoying his Flying Fiesta ride.

A group of people takes pictures of Flying Fiesta ride.

A couple passed by looking at the Roller Skater ride.

This carousel horse poses for the camera.

A silhouette of EK's Disc-o Magic behind a golden sun.

This journey is not possible without God in the picture. The beauty of His creative mind is one of the most amazing characteristics that we can see in Him. In Psalm 8:1-9, we can see that His ways are higher than ours. In the beginning, He laid the foundations of the earth. Every color, contrast, highlights & shadows were created perfect for us to praise His Holy name and to be in awe in His creation.

Look at a mirror and see a reflection how beautiful His masterpiece is.

This is an unforgettable experience with my fellow Victory Fort friends and the people behind this trip.

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