Nanyang Polytechnic-Oracle Experience

by Mukesh Kumar July. 16, 2007 2979 views

Oracle Academy Institute - Singapore (DMSQL & PL SQL Class)

YuBao and Group - "Waiting for Kick-off"

Lavanya - "( bracket open"……. Chandran Yuinfan ") bracket close"

Deelip - "I love 10g"

Sanjay - "Let me execute it on paper first"

Anton - "What PLSQL Code?"…. Heri - "Will it execute on its own" …. Clement -"I think Deelip will excute from his terminal"

Zhizhen - "Let me get that first"… Yu Bao - "Sitting straight help me to execute it faster" …. Jinya - "It is too simple to execute - NO WORRIES"

KT Chan and Raymond - "Peeping into one Screen will help us learn more at the same time" ……..

Henry - "Watching out for the next slide"

Jack and Farzana - "Trying to figure out the PL/SQL Code"

Lavanya and Chandran - "Concentrating in the Class is the ultimate nature of ours"

Hayati - "Smiling away"…. Mukesh - "Finally ready for the Institute" …. Farzana - "No Worries now"

Nanyang Polytechnic - From A Block Lounge

Zhu - "Trying to locate semicolon termination somewhere" …. Yunfan - "These things are very simple - tell me something difficult"….

Nanette - "So, you see the relationship roaming around in the classroom by now" …. Priya - "Trying to figure out - WHERE?"

Nanette - "Yes in that corner" …. Priya - "Yes I too see that"

"Relationship is all about looking here and there"

"Relationship is all about - speaking out…"

"Relationship is looking at the same point"

"Relationship is all about smiling, sharing, concentrating and doing things together"

"Relationship is to serious - it should be studied about"

Mukesh - "As Event Started - Trigger Fired"

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