On the way to Enka Youth Forum

by İlknur Aktaş December. 12, 2016 1880 views

December 9th, 2016. On the air bridge right before boarding the plane.

We are about to depart from İzmir to Istanbul to join Enka Youth Forum in Istanbul. I tried to make a picture of them together with the planes in the background but apparently I failed :)

Together with me I have 9 students. From left to the right, standing ones first, they are: Melisa SAVUNMUS (9B), Kubra GOKTAS (9B), Bekir Can Kural (10C), Emir Ali SENGER (10A), Mustafa Nuri KARIP (10C), Efekan ÖZDAN (10A), Yaren BACANLI (10C), Nazlim INCE (10C) and İdil KAYIN (10B). All of them are unique and precious to me in their own way.

Though the kids look so cheerful, that's because I told them so. 😁Actually, they are highly excited and nervous since it is either their first time at a confererence or on a plane 🙃 And the conference is going to be held in English!! 🌟

As for me, I am quite curious and enthusiastic about the outcomes of this trip. I know that we will experience things and people we haven't met before, we will finish with new ideas and a broader mind. I wish I could transfer my curiosity to my kids regardless of any stress we have to overcome. But unfortunately, everybody best learns through experience. 

Above all, I am thrilled at being engraved in people's first time memories. And I am happy to be there for them, whenever they need..


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