5:55pm Home early (yay!) because the computer program I need is down (boo!). And yes, my hair is in pigtails again, to the dismay of my 3rd grader.

11:34am So my favoritest jeans are about to die. I imagine I will keep wearing them until the leg rips embarrassingly when I am somewhere in public.

3:53pm One of my kids stopped mid-sentence today and exclaimed, “You're beautiful!” Second graders are so easy to please.

8:57pm A bad pick-up line when you see someone walking through the parking lot of an apt complex: So, do you live around here?

5:06pm I think it is funny when kids with messy hair feel the need to tell me that I have messy hair.

2:25pm Deja vu all over again, this time with less ink and the addition of the most wonderfully awesome gift I've been given in ages. It's almost embarrassing…
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