Dharamsala - Free Tibet!

by Karolina & Marcin September. 01, 2007 3212 views

Well, our last stop in Himalayas - Dharamsala. Here H.H. Dalai Lama has his residence. We arrived today 4 a.m. Everything was closed down. We had to wait until sunrise to search for some hotel to stay in. Unlike other Indian cities, many of them were actually full - that was really astonishing to us. Ayways, we had to wait 7 hours until ten, to find someone check out. This kind of life is really exhausting ;) Haha.. we always promise ourselves not to travel like that anymore, yet when time comes, we forget the uncomfortable times ;)
We haven't seen much of the town yet actually. All we can expierience is the huge presence of Buddist Monks all around (guess why ;)
We have managed today to get an official pass to meet Dalai Lama after tomorrow on his teaching audience. Looking forward to this experience.

Today we'd like to send our regards and hugs specially to our close friends - the old one and the new ones. We hope they know themselves ;)
God bless you!

Karolina's future house in Darjeeling :)

One SMILEY friend from Indian Army stationed in Sikkim, traveling with us on the 34 hour train from Siliguri to Delhi.

WTF?! Marcin - learn how to make photos!!!

:P that's what happens when you travel 34 hours non-stop on Indian Railway :D

Why is Ania always sleeping?!

Don Juan Martinez de Dolce Gabana on a Toy Train from Kalka to Shimla. Which broke down 18 km before Shimla after more than 40 hours of non-stop travel - our fate!!!! (shit man)

After our Toy Train broke down, we caught a truck full of Indians going to Shimla :D

MUHAHAHA :) Beautiful smiles, children :D

Ah, stunning view (and the mountains) :P

Another STUNNING view ;)

Our cosy (cozi:P) house in Manali. And of course - Ania sleeping!!

Another stunning view :P - sunbathing in Manali.

World famous Polish beer ;) and some who knows who he is guy :P

Manali's Buddist Gompa

Hair platter done to Ania - here she's not sleeping - at last :P

Our favourite coffee place in Manali - best latte in India so far :)

Our passes to meet Dalai Lama. NB: look at Marcin's pass. He's a PALAND!

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