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There's a picture in my room showing the landscape of Paris. For a long time it was one of the few decorations on my walls; as time has passed and I've developed my identity, more photos, posters, art have found homes in my room. In fact, I am now hard pressed to find a blank spot anymore. But this picture has been there from the beginning. I have often gone to sleep staring at it, pretending that I was falling forward into the hanging.  I would wake up on the hillside looking out over the river and see the Eiffel Tower glow. In July, that fanciful bleary eyed, half asleep dream is going to come true. The best part about that is not only will I sit on the hillside, I will have seen so many places by then. I will have met so many people, taken so many pictures, tasted so much food. I've known I  wanted to travel since I was 11 years old. I was in 6th grade; my teacher's name was Mrs. Benson. She opened my eyes to the world and the door to my curiosity. She taught me about the Romans and the Greeks. She showed me pictures of far off places and told me the stories of her travel. In Mrs. Benson's 6th grade class, I realized I wanted to be an anthropologist when I grew up. That I wanted to know people, really know them. She inspired me to figure out their cultures, how they were different and similar. What made these people happy and sad, what they believed and why they believed it. I wanted to know their customs, rituals, and religions, not only know them but to be a part of them. I wanted and want to see humanity. The things that tie us together across the world. Love, hate, sadness, hope. They are all colors. The cultures may make them into different shades but the fundamental colors are the same. I want to see that. I want to see humans. 

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Shimna M 4 years, 1 month ago

Beautiful thoughts and you have a good teacher too.
If only there are more people thinking like you this world would become more beautiful and happy place to live...

4 years, 1 month ago Edited
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