Faded Photographs

by Alyssa Smith March. 23, 2017 811 views

Well, I've left Galway and am now in Tralee. Monday I worked on getting service to my phone, then I walked and window shopped. Ion a picturesque walkway, not unlike Trolley Square, street performers line the walk way. One guy in particular made me stop and listen. He was young and had long wavy dark hair. He started his song soft and quiet, which is what caught my eye (the other performers where trying to attract listeners by being as loud and ostentatious as they could) As the song moved along he started to crescendo, moving his ahold body with the song his voice sent shivers down my spine. It wasn't because he was good. His voice wasn't sweet and smooth; it was unique, not unlike Bob Dylan. It was rough and scratchy but the emotion and power the boy put behind it nearly knocked me off my feet. I could have listened forever. If I was a music producer, I would have offered him a record deal right there. I wanted his voice on my iPod. But it was one of those things where the setting makes the music even more special and unique. That night I went pub hopping with a German couple and a lovely French woman, where I displayed my horrible lack of knowledge of alcohol...

Tuesday I had a bout of depression and refused to get out of my bed, forgetting to check out and feeling overall very apathetic and pathetic. I had been hoping to leave my depression at home. That the excitement of traveling and the challenge of surviving soils be enough to help me shake it free. Turns out it doesn't work like that. I wallowed in my homesickness and loneliness and slapped the label of 'Mental Health Day' on it so I didn't feel so bad about myself. I couldn't even bring myself to venture out to find dinner so I starved instead. After a phone call home to a friend and my parents, I gave myself a mental shove and planned the next day. I booked my room for two more nights and got a bus tour ticket. I showered and went to bed early. The next day I was up on time and I made my bus. We saw some beautiful places on our way to the Cliffs of Morer (the ultimate destination of the day). We stopped at an intact castle, a 6000 year old tomb, and a 15th century church. How odd it suddenly seems, to be sitting on a tour bus traveling to see old ruins, faded remnants of a time long past. It's weird to me that what now are referred to as 'sites' and 'artifacts' once were people's everyday lives. They would probably find it laughable that people from today's world pay money to see their castles and churches and graves. For me, I find it frustrating.  Awe inspiring, but frustrating. These ruins are mere shadows of what they once were. Huge stone monoliths, intricately carved reduced to faded shells of their former glory that we can only guess at. I yearn to know the hands that carved, shaped, and built. What were their names? How did they die? Were they happy? Who were these people?! I want to know things that the sands of time have long scrubbed clean from the earth leaving only their faded work behind as evidence that they were born at all. Oh the things I would see with a time machine! I want to see how they lived, who they loved. I want to know what these monuments looked like when the carvings were fresh and clear

15 th century castle
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Alan James 4 years ago

Stay positive best you can. Great insight and perspective - the photos are thought-provoking...

4 years ago Edited
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