Sunshine, Music, and Books

by Alyssa Smith March. 24, 2017 598 views

I know I just posted yesterday, but this afternoon has been so lovely that I couldn't resist. I was going to take a bus to the town of Dingle today, but all the bus drivers decided to strike. So instead, I dropped off my laundry at a launderette and decided to walk the streets. Today is one of those rare, warm, sunny, Irish days. The wind is brisk, but the light is irresistible after a week and a half of clouds and rain (which I love, but a sunny day is welcome every once in a while). I discovered an adorable book shop (four books later I'm wondering how in world I'm going to be able carry them all with me...). The shop owner was a wonderful Italian man who recognized my chakra and elements pendants. It was a comforting moment when our energies touched briefly. I paid for my books, said goodbye to Alfonso and found a quiet cafe. I found a warm upstairs window to crack open a book (I started with the Shack). After finishing my meal, I ventured out once more and stopped to listen to a street performer. I dropped my small coins in his case and went on my way, but I found I wanted to listen some more so I plopped down on the sidewalk and got out my book and here I am. This man is playing most of my dad's favorite songs, which means the songs of my childhood. I'm reading a few lines but more often than not I find myself briefly closing my eyes to soak in the atmosphere. The busy street in front of me, the bustling people out and about enjoying the sun, the smell of cigarette smoke twining with aroma of fish and chips from across the street, and the acoustic guitar, old times voice, and foot tapping a ragged tambourine, the breeze chill and cold but tempered by the warm sun. Today is a beautiful day. 

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