by Alyssa Smith March. 27, 2017 1018 views

Well I'm leaving Kilkenny tomorrow. I've fallen in love with this small town; outside of Dublin it's my favorite so far. The town itself is small, but it really packs a punch of history. From Kilkenny Castle to the Black Abbey to St Mary's Cathedral, the town is full of midevil history. Some streets date back to the 1200's! This town has molded itself around its past, managing to coexist in the same space, more than 800 years of history! I ate dinner in the Kytler Inn, est 1324, seven hundred years ago. Alice Kytler was the Inn keeper there and she had found her way through 4 rich husbands (all meeting untimely deaths). By this point she had accumulated a fair amount of land, and the church felt threatened. If they deemed her murderess, the land would go to her children so they called her a witch and sent the military into town to burn her at the stake. The nobility of the town liked her and helped her escape  but her maid wasn't so lucky. The story and the Inn have survived the test of time. I'm in love with the way the modern town ebbs, flows, and wraps around the midevil remnants. Mass is still held in the Black Abbey which was originally built in the 1200's. St Mary's church was recently renovated into a beautiful museum. The history is so old here and you don't have to go anywhere special; it's literally outside the front steps of the hostel. My heart is singing. I'm still lonely and homesick, but it doesn't matter as much. I'm surrounded  by what I love. History and people and depth so deep my eyes getting tired from straining to see as far as I can...

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