Duart Castle

by Alyssa Smith April. 19, 2017 1130 views

From Glasgow I moved on to Oban where I stayed 4 days though I meant to leave after two. Ok, I need to talk about Oban in three parts. The first part was Duart Castle, my family's ancestral home. Given to the McLean as part of a wedding dowry in the 13th century, McLean's lived there till the Jacobite rebellions. When they lost, the English used the house as a barracks for British soldiers for 70 years after which they abandoned it and left it as a ruin. It was  current clan cheif's grandfather's greatest wish to see the family home restored to is former glory. When he was about 70 years old he bought the castle back and some surrounding lands and set to work restoring the castle; many said that he would not live to see the work done, but he proved them wrong by living to be 101 years old dying in 1936. The current clan chief Lachlan McLean and his family still live there today. It was incredible to tour the castle and know that I had such a personal connection to it. This is my family, my heritage. I loved being there. There were 2 books for guests to sign their name in, one for regular people and one for McLeans. I was able to sign my name in the McLean book, along side my distant relatives from all over the world. 

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