by Alyssa Smith April. 19, 2017 704 views

Ok, it's been a while since I posted here. So far I've been to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Wales, and now I'm in London! Edinburgh was beautiful, a city of duality. It was divided up into old town and new town (new town was built in the 1700's). The whole city was bursting at the seams with architecture and history and stories . It was incredible. Much of the history is is light and entertaining. Much of it is dark and twisted. It's not surprising that this city was the birthplace of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. I got to see the famous Edinburgh castle; it was beautiful and it too has a long history. My favorite part was the chapel, built in the 1100's it was as the only thing not burnt to the ground when the castle was under siege in the 1700's. The chapel itself was small and simple, in its own way as beautiful as the grand cathedrals I've seen so far. I wanted to see the underbelly of the city. Like any proper romantic haunted city, there's an underground network of catacombs,tunnels, and vaults. 

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