by Alyssa Smith April. 19, 2017 722 views

Glasgow, I have mixed feelings about. It was beautiful too, definitely a newer feel though. The hostel I stayed at wasn't great but there was a TV so I got to watch the Scottish equivalent of house hunters and Titanic (I managed not to cry this time). I also walked the length of the town to find St Mungo's cathedral and Necropolis (the City of the Dead). Necropolis is a 19th century graveyard on a hill. It has aisles of towering headstones that give it its name. It's, comparatively, a newer cemetery so most of the engravings are still legible, though a few are crumbling. It was impressive. Afterwards I went to a modern art museum and street art fair to offset the gloom; the more I'm in the Celtic isles, the more I fall in love with the art. I adore the music and knotwork and storytelling tales. 

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Alan James 3 years, 11 months ago

If you've not read "Pillars of the Earth", go read it right now. Right now! (Ken Follett)

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