by Alyssa Smith April. 26, 2017 811 views

I really liked Liverpool; everyone was really proud to be a scouse. The people were as quirky and sweet as their accents. I went on three tours while I was there, the first was a 2 hour walk around town. It was really interesting, previously all I knew about Liverpool was that that was where the Beatles came from but it turns out there's a great deal of history and stories there. There is a museum dedicated to slavery. An astonishing number of slaves passed through Liverpool because of the dry docks. It's hard and very sad to know that slavery was abolished as recently as it was. It's hard to believe that it took people that long to have basic empathy for another of their own species. Part of my view is one having been born centuries after the fact in very different and, arguably, tolerant society. Life was different and so were views. It was not abhorrent to own another member of your own species. But still, didn't people feel guilty? Morally ill? I guess eventually it got to them because things changed, but the fact it took so long for things to change I think is a testament to the ability of humans to dehumanize members of their species. To use their differences as justification. In order to live with themselves I imagine they forced themselves to believe that different cultures or skin color meant less intelligence, less humanity, more animal than anything and therefore the masters and traders were not morally wrong. To a smaller extent I think we can be found doing this as well when we are confronted by people who think, look, or act differently. We feel threatened so we make ourselves out to be superior to help us feel more comfortable and safe. After the slavery museum I saw the Titanic museum. Although the Titanic was not built in Liverpool docks (it was too big) the company that owned if (White Star) was based in Liverpool. I have nothing to say about the Titanic that hasn't already been said really. Just felt sad that the hubris of men resulted in so many needless deaths. I couldn't go to Liverpool without going through Beatles museum. It was incredible and I got to know the 'Lads from Liverpool' on a very human level. I really feel for them. It must have been absolutely exhausting to be that famous. In only 8 years they managed to change music as we know it today and the whole world watched. I don't envy them. The story of how they came together is very cool though. 

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