by Alyssa Smith April. 26, 2017 853 views

After Liverpool I moved on to London! I thought foolishly to myself that I would be able to make it through both the British museum and the Victoria and Albert museum in one day. Ha! Nice try. I spent nearly seven hours in the British museum alone and I'm pretty sure I only made my way through a quarter of the massive building. One could lose themselves for a week in there without resurfacing easily. The anthropologist in me squealed with delight (sometimes audibly) as I turned each corner opening huge rooms filled to the brim with people and cultures long since passed. I nearly peed myself in the Egyptian room full of sarcophagi and mummies. Again I ran in the unattainable desire to know who these people were, not just their names or ages, but their personalities. I was also surprised with a new moral quandary that I hadn't yet considered. These people were laid to rest in their homeland; they had very specific beliefs about how they wanted their bodies to be taken care of. It feels wrong that just because they are really old and interesting their wishes are not only ignored, but their bodies and possessions are brought to a different country to be put behind glass and stared at by millions strangers. It's a difficult dilemma because while I feel it's wrong and not fair to the deceased, I'm so curious. I can't say that I wasn't excited to see them or that I didn't take pictures. I guess I just have to accept that I think it's wrong but at the same time I can be excited to see and learn about these people. I toured four more museums, all amazing and fantastic. I also, due to the generosity of the wonderful woman who took me in for a couple days, got to see Romeo and Juliet in the Globe Theater on Shakespeare's birthday. It was amazing. Someone mentioned it drew on Clockwork Orange for inspiration, if you've seen that movie. The production was dramatic, contemporary, with an almost metal steampunk vibe. The language was from the original play, but the delivery was definitely very different from traditional Shakespeare. The acting was amazing. And now? I'm bound for Romania! Which I know nothing about! 

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