Ines Ganteaume's PhotoBlog

I went for a walk while waiting for Irma's visit and saw these bikes. Will Irma ride them? What do you think?

This is a Green Cuban Enole holding on to the ledge of the rail. It amazes me the strength it has.

I took these pictures at Disney World! I have no idea what flower it is but I found them fascinating. My son thought I was crazy! As he wanted to get on rides…

I took these pictures on the January 1, 2014 at Parkland, Florida, road going to the Everglades. This beautiful farm does not exist anymore. The land was sold…

A Rose of Hope to all my friends…. For those Fighting Freedom ….. For those Dreaming for a bettter tomorrow …..

Took these right outside on my yard. Of course … when it saw me with my camara ….. is started running!

These beautiful Muscovy Ducks come for their daily visit at the door of my house! They smile at me and I smile back!!!

From my window I see my neighbours passby Thinking we are for real I see their smile when they realize we are not Just two little wood cats enjoying the view!