Oh, the places I'll go

by Rea Alfonso February. 13, 2019 335 views
Marlboro Country, Sagada, Philippines || January 2019 || RNA

Marlboro Country, Sagada, Philippines || January 2019 || RNA

My kick off trip for 2019 was to Sagada - where broken hearts go.

Nope, I'm not brokenhearted; but I do want to try new things - spelunking and hiking. Plus, January is a good time to go up north because the weather's really cold - something you can only experience in Manila with your office AC.

The trip didn't disappoint. I can't believe I survived spelunking, rode on the top load of a van (while cruising through a steep and zigzag road), and hiked for hours. The body pain and the biting cold weather were all worth it.

My 27th year was pretty much like that trip - difficult, rough, seemingly long, tough, and unforgivably cold - but I wouldn't exchange it for anything else. Yes, because I have proven the truth in this statement: This too shall pass.

When we're inside the cave spelunking our way through the rocks, it felt like it's a never-ending journey. It was dark and the way was difficult. But the guides helped us go through tiny holes, rappel, and climb up and down slippery rocks. They just know exactly where to go and where to land your feet — so we got through.

Seeing the mouth of the cave and a hint of daylight made me a little more vigorous. Four hours inside that dark cave sapped the strength out of me. Yet, when I saw that my journey's about to end, it was relieving. And when I finally stepped into the light of day, I couldn't imagine I got through it!

That's exactly how I feel today. I can't believe I got through another tough year — something I thought I'll never be able to overcome. All things — good and bad — do really come to an end.

I do not know what this new year has in store. It's already tough as it is, but it's slightly different now. Despite the hurdles, life tastes a little sweeter. There is joy in the midst of the late nights and there is peace during uncertainty. I know it is all because of my Ultimate Guide — Ebenezer, my Stone of Help. He has proven Himself faithful, good, true, mighty, gracious, merciful, loving — I could go on and on! — once again.

Life is a lot different with Him around, that I am sure. I may have gone to a place where broken hearts go, but I left that place, with my heart made whole and new by my Maker.

And oh, the places I'll go!


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