Breaking the Barrier 2011

by Chris June. 26, 2011 3897 views

I had problems with my camera on Sunday. It was so hot that it kept steaming up when I took it in the sea but Breaking the Barrier [] is such a special event I decided to post the photos anyway.

An annual surf event for children with learning disabilities, it was Breaking the Barrier that introduced Archie to surfing when he was 9. Initially we just took him surfing once a year at Breaking the Barrier but since last September, after his third Breaking the Barrier, he has been going more regularly with Discovery Surf School []. I have written before about how life changing this has been for us all. I still find that still I almost can't quite believe it when I see him out enjoying riding waves.

This year's event was another great day. One of our regular helpers came along and you can see how happy he was to see her. She was given a lot of cuddles throughout the day. After Archie had had about 15 minutes in the water, Luke, one of the surf school's senior coaches decided to take him further out to catch some bigger waves. The photos of them waiting for a wave aren't great as my camera had steamed up by then and they were a long way out, but I do find it amazing that my severely autistic son who will not wait seconds for anything on land, will sit and wait relaxed for a wave.

Fabulous day and as always we are grateful to everyone who makes it possible for Archie to surf.

The camera was starting to steam up so the exposure was all wrong up but I this photo of Archie with Martin who runs Discovery Surf School [] sort of sums up some of Breaking the Barrier

Meanwhile littlest brother was on our board

Luke decided to take Archie out to catch a big wave

Unusual sight - my son happily sitting and waiting, no shouting or screaming. I can't think of anywhere else he will wait like this. Surfing is pretty special. It calms him.

And this was a first, he's never played on the beach before.

I was asked by the organisers whether Archie wanted ‘a surfing poster’. I said yes expecting an action shot….

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Kaitlyn 9 years, 5 months ago

Looks like they had a blast.

9 years, 5 months ago Edited
Hope 10 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful day for you and your family!

10 years ago Edited
Oweena 10 years ago

It's wonderful that Archie has found surfing.
And for you to be able to see him on the water enjoying himself.

10 years ago Edited