Dreaming of an Apple?

by Patrick Ryan So March. 30, 2011 2088 views

An intriguing title it is..doesn't seem to have connection to the photo. But hear me out..

One late night, a guy went home exhausted and drunk, can barely stand up but managed to crawl his way to bed. His current girl(just dating, but not exclusive) texted him and said the usual “Hi” and late night message. After a few text, the guy asked “Are you seeing someone else?”. She said “No, just friends”. Now as I have said, guy is barely keeping his eyes open while texting..he dozed off. After an hour, he woke up half asleep and still replied..and said “No one like me?”..and went back to dream land again. After an hour and half, guy woke up again and got a message from the girl saying “Huh, is this a wrong send?”. Clearly she didn't understand what the guy meant. So, the guy still replied even if he's asleep. When I say half asleep, I mean, 30% texting, and still wants to talk with the girl and the rest, having the best sleep at dream land. Guy replied “No, this is for Apple”.

Now, assessing the situation, this lead to a losing argument. Hehehehe. But the guy has no idea who Apple is..nor he knows one..Well, he knows one Apple but that was way back grade school and have no intention of seeing her at all. So where did the guy get the thought of “Apple”?

Guy stopped seeing the girl eventually, but that's a whole different story…Morale of this story though, don't text back once you're in dream land. It leads to trouble..believe me.

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Gwena 6 years, 1 month ago

nice work

6 years, 1 month ago Edited
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