Puerto Galera 2012 pt2

by Patrick Ryan So April. 07, 2012 1819 views

Copied from the video site: This is the first video I created using my first video dslr. This trip was planned over a boring night via text and not surprisingly, pushed through. So I decided to give the video feature a test as well as how creative I can get with this, since I'm used to doing photos with my Canon 400D. So from my 400D to 7D, it was really a big change in a really good way. I'm very impressed with the video quality. About the trip; Puerto Galera is the usual spot during summer when you don't want to spend much, less hassle plus with the fun of enjoying the “beach” ;). I really do not have any story line when I started shooting videos, I just thought, let's just shoot interesting scenes, and document our trip as well. It also helped that we met very nice people to give us good scenes for the video, and we cannot thank you enough for that. Another big challenge for the me is the movie editing part. I decided to use Premiere since I also use Photoshop. But I was wrong about the part that it could be the same. NOT. Hahaha! It took me a day of sitting in front of my laptop to finish this one video, and mind you, 1 hour of trying to learn how to cross fade the music! Hahahahaha! But the result for me is all worth it. I can't stop but my smile and tell myself that I have finally started doing a video which I keep on ranting when viewing videos on Vimeo. I hope you guys like the video as much as I do. Thanks for viewing and watching! And here's the video link:

https://vimeo.com/40068928 [vimeo.com]

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