The Tethered Raindrop (365 Day Photo Challenge)

by Prissha S January. 06, 2021 144 views
The moment before the dew drop set itself free

The moment before the dew drop set itself free

Day 12: Free

I had just started my study break when I heard the rain stop. It was gloomy and depressing but I grabbed my camera and went outside to my balcony, looking for raindrops. The ones on the leaves were not that attractive but I glanced at the flowers, and I beamed.

Since it was still dark and cloudy, correctly exposing the picture was proving to be difficult. My hands were shakier than usual because I had just helped my grandfather move a heavy desk to the basement. I tried everything I could to get the correct exposure - decreasing shutter speed, using different modes, increasing the ISO, but nothing worked. However, when I was tinkering with the settings, I realised I hadn’t tried adjusting the white balance. So I increased the direct sunlight and decreased cloudy setting and it worked!

Finally after 91 photos, I came to this beautiful, ‘freeing‘ image.

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