Doubled Luck (365 Day Photo Challenge)

by Prissha S February. 21, 2021 85 views

Day 51: Lucky

The subject in these photos are healing crystals. They are supposed to bring luck, wellness, etc. I used these as they were the closest thing I had that represented ’luck’, and also I didn’t not want to go looking for a four leafed clover.

In the first shot, I put the crystal on a jute bag and spread flower petals around it.

In the second shot, I placed the crystal in some water along with flower petals. I wasn’t happy with the exposure, so I used yellow coloured paper as a filter on the flash. When I took the picture, I was not expecting it to give a pink hue.

When I had to choose with picture I would post, I had come down to these two. So instead of wracking my brain trying to figure out which his better, I’m going to let you choose! What do you think?

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