Hail in June

by Jaimi Foster June. 23, 2017 394 views

So the good 'ole unpredictable Finnish weather is back at it again with its endless surprises. I was sitting in the ticket sale booth at my work and saw how bright and sunny it was outside, so I offered to go host (still hoping I'll get some sort of summer tan while I'm here, regardless of the fact that 90% of the days are overcast). Within two minutes of settling in at my post, it just suddenly started pouring rain; and within thirty seconds of that (just as I'd managed to get over my shock), I got smacked in the head by gumball hail. Now, having only seen hail once in my life before, I was quite thrilled of course; the tourists roaming the streets umbrella-free however, not so much. This savvy traveler brought a raincoat and umbrella to work with her though, so ten minutes later, when my shift ended, I strolled away quite delightedly as everyone else huddled beneath our terrace roof. Might not have gotten a tan but the rare weather occurrence was a decent consolation prize.

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