Winter Carnival

by James Kilgo December. 31, 2016 1203 views

Every year the carnival makes a stop at our local outdoor shopping mall. It makes for a great photographic subject with all the lights, colors and people.  We general just walk around and take some images using long shutter speeds to capture the light streaks that make for interesting images. Some times we purchase tickets and ride the Ferris wheel, we are big thrill seekers! (LOL)

Here are a few images from last nights visit.

Winter Carnival

Evening image of the winter carnival

Ferris Wheel

Colorful lights and movement everywhere.

The Tall Chair Swing

For the brave to ride to the top while spinning in a chair

Ferris Wheel

The multi color Ferris wheel in red and whilte

Ferris Wheel

Captured between color changes

Blue Ferris Wheel

The LED ligths are bright and change color frequently

Red Ferris Wheel

Red makes for an attention getting color

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