TECH1004 Submission 1 - Cuisine

by James Ross November. 24, 2016 1025 views


I believe this picture captures the essence of cuisine. In just one picture, so much variety of produce is shown, taking the title back to the roots, as so much food could be made using the ingredients shown. The colours of vibrant and capture the attention, but are all natural, and the produce all local, from Leicester market.

In Photoshop, I increased the saturation, decreased the shadows and highlights and also cropped the left side out of the image. I believe this brings more attention to the subject of the image, and improves the focal point.

Canon EOS 1200D, Lens 18-55, Exposure 1/30, Focal Length 18mm, ISO 500, Size 4714x3456, 300 Pixels per Inch. Manual. Taken: 19th November 15:27:22:047

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