TECH1004 Submission 1 - Culture

by James Ross November. 24, 2016 520 views


Christmas is the British epiphany of culture, if you ask anyone on the street what time of year is their favourite, many people will reply with Christmas. All the television adverts, films, music and day to day life turns to focus around December 25th. Alongside the decorations, the image also shows the busy street full of crowds Christmas shopping. This image captures the mix of old and new by contrasting the old and new buildings in the background, the old stone clock tower with the new living tree in the foreground. Also, the grey skies contrast with the bright lights and tinsel and this has been highlighted within the editing.

In Photoshop, I increased the vibrance and saturation. I believe this highlights the contrast between the vibrancy of the lights and tree, and the grey atmospheric skies and old stonework clock and buildings.

Canon EOS 1200D, Lens 18-55, Exposure 1/30, Focal Length 18mm, ISO 100, Size 5184x3456, 300 Pixels per Inch. Manual. Taken: 19th November 15:20:47:052.

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