opposites 042/365

by Jan Barlow February. 11, 2018 764 views


These sisters, my granddaughters, are alike in many ways - mostly in their positive attitude and outlook on life. They are also both great artists, readers, writers and animal lovers. But they do have some opposite characteristics and traits. The obvious is that one has very smooth, straight hair and the other, not so obvious in this photo, has very curly, wild hair. (Both gorgeous!). One likes and tries many foods, the other is very picky. One is fairly apt to quickly and cheerfully do what you ask of her, the other is a tad "forgetful". One leans towards tom-boy, the other is very "girly". One is pretty athletic, the other not so much. One takes showers. The other loves baths. Ask them to agree on what movie to watch - ain't gonna happen. When they were younger, one favored me and the other favored my husband. And then they switched. Now we all find each other equally favorable.

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