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by Jan Barlow February. 25, 2018 771 views

Ahhh, the challenge of taking a prompted photo on the day of the prompt. On most any other day, this is a lovely view. There are forested mountains in the distance and a little community speckled on the hillside. But in central Pennsylvania in the winter you either have a clear, sunny day with brilliant blue skies (usually COLD) - OR you have this - what I call the "gloom and doom" of winter, if the temps warm up a bit.

But I took a few other shots...some relative to "distance", some a bit more of a stretch...

my driveway - a quarter mile in distance, which, you can't see the end of even on a clear day

while I was out and about with my camera, I came across this flock of Canadian Geese which had settled here during their long-distance flight south. The pond was full of and surrounded by geese - these is just a bit of it.

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Thanks!  :)

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