Lost in the Oasis, really!

by Jane August. 14, 2007 3529 views

Today I decided to explore Qattara oasis, (photographic reasoning was largely behind this decision).

So, I wandered through the oasis, marvelled at the dates, wanted to eat some but they were dusty and out of reach, started thinking I could get lost in here, found my way out the back side and came across an old fort, took pics, went back into the oasis, came out, was lost, went back in, wandered down new paths, still lost, came out again and wandered onto a new road, saw a potentially good landmark to orient me if I went back into the oasis, thought this could be really foolhardy but did it anyway.

Then, not too much later I found myself – at a shisha café.

Having net connection problems - there are more shots to come in this story.

just into the oasis

mmm… dates out of reach, should I climb on the wall?

and out the other side

the throne?

around the back

we're watching you

just starting to think I could get lost!

looking over the wall

and out the other side, now that's a landmark, whether it takes me to …

water! just what I need

Shisha - I don't …

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Ana A. Negru 13 years, 2 months ago

No. 7 and 8 looks interesting for me! I would go for a walk to such places.

13 years, 2 months ago Edited
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