Yas Triathlon

by Jane January. 14, 2011 1913 views

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to take pics of the Yas Marina circuit though google would probably come up with better pics than I could.

Abu Dhabi Yas Island Triathlon 14th Jan 2011

Olympic distance triathlon: I unfortunately do not have a break-down of my tri times & transitions as my Timex up and died recently. I was hoping the timing chip would have recorded the splits but this was not to be, so I only got my total time of 2 hours 46 mins & something seconds (i’ve got to back online to find out the finer seconds). 5 minutes slower than my previous tri, my excuses include having just self diagnosed myself as having swimmer’s shoulder & a sore throat. But really, I’m happy enough with that time - sort of.
The event was held on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi in the Yas Marina Circuit, which is home to the Formula 1 track - think fast, speedy, noisy racing cars and drivers. It was therefore somewhat ironic when I arrived on the Thursday night before the event to register & rack my bike to discover that I had car trouble and thought my car was desperately in need of oil, yet not a drop was to be had. The nearest petrol station being more than 30 minutes away. In the end, I managed via slow driving, something very atypical to this part of the world, to get into Abu Dhabi and 5 minutes away from resting point the temperature started to soar. I made it. It did not however, occur to me to wonder if this was how my tri race the next day was to be, although I was expecting a hot run.
As it turned out the weather was near perfect, probably around 26 C, perfect for this part of the world, not too windy and the run temps were no problem, unlike my tri in December. Having an afternoon tri start rather than the early morning start helped.
The olympic distance males started the race at 12 noon. My wave, Olympic distance females started at 1.20 pm, which seemed strange to start so far after the guys. It turned out there were only 40 women in total, I ended up coming 12th, , 3rd in my age group, and of the total men/women Olympic competitors 119/232. Average times for women 2.46 and for men 2.45, so I was in there.
Good course, a wet suit swim, though not really necessary ( I didn’t wear one), goggles didn’t mist up, huge yellow buoys kept me on track & I didn’t get lost. I’ve lost some swim fitness though as a result of not training freestyle because of my sore rotator cuff/shoulder problem, I felt okay-ish while swimming but I’ve got a pretty sore upper arm now, post-race. I was only able to stay in the top 1/3rd for a few 100 metres, got left behind and was on my own for awhile before dropping into the latter 1/3rd of the swim group, which is not where I like to be. Near the end, I knew my swim time was nowhere near my last tri swim of 27 minutes/ 1.5m. Normally, I love the swim so was feeling a bit sad about it all as I swam along, though decided I ought to marvel at some of the sights eg. a wooden pier fronted hi-tech, glass bubble shaped building for a bit, and then on rounding a buoy, into view came some huge super sleek power boats. At the end, we had to belly swim onto a pontoon and luckily got helped out of the water by some brawny blokes because it did take a few seconds to get my land legs back.
The run into the transition from the swim was fine, carpeted, and not too challenging for the partially sighted - me. Found my bike okay and was out of the water just ahead of a fellow competitor friend, we had a little chat about the water: jm = “that wasn’t so bad” ; me saying the opposite more or less. Then off into the bike.
The whole course was on the F1 circuit, so you can imagine how immaculate the surface is/was; not a smidgeon of broken glass to be seen though how one poor girl got a flat tyre I’ve no idea, she took ages to fix it too and my heart went out to her (I’d just gotten a flat tyre 2 days before cycling up Jebel Hafeet, and so I know how crap I am at fixing flat tyres, (as fellow cyclists BB & JJ can testify to). 40 metres out of transition there was a pretty steep hill and sharp bend to the left which we’d been warned of in the briefing & told to get clipped in pretty quick to avoid crashing. I did get clipped in, & managed the corner fine.
The bad thing about being on a F1 circuit is that it’s about 5.5 kms around, so we had to count laps, I was dreading this, esp. since not wearing a watch & I’ve only half figured out how to use my bike computer distance measure, but guess I got it right. What I do like about my bike computer is tracking my speed, and I aim to stay above 30 kms/per hour. On the faster part of the track I got up to 38kms but on the uphill bits slowed down to 17kms for abit, still we didn’t have too many uphills. I think I had a reasonable bike time, but when I saw DB speed past me, my fellow age grouper who always beats me on the bike, I decided I’d been lapped. She ended up finishing second in my age group and 10 mins ahead of me. Anyhow, by the time 40 kms came round, I’d had enough as usual and looking forward to the run.
This run was so much easier than the Dubai, Dec. tri run, largely because of the temperature and also for having done a bit more 10 km run training. Overall, I was pretty happy with my run time (despite not knowing what it was exactly!), but I think I may have gotten pretty close to my 50 minutes 10 km goal. This I judge from other competitor’s finishing times. Also, I passed quite a lot of people on the run, however, because there were so many waves and some of the sprint people started before the Olympic women, it was pretty hard to know who was racing what event.
The route was also off road & near waterways with a little shade, but unfortunately away from spectators, so there was no one to cheer us until the end, and they got bored I think. About 4 kms from the finish line I was pretty aware that something in my chest was hurting, that’s the sore throat thing kicking in I guess, and it took a few hours after the race for this to settle down. So, all up and given that my state of health was not the best, I’m pretty happy with this effort.
Now, next day, I feel fine, legs don’t hurt - much, lungs are fine, sore throat is okay-ish and even better my car is fixed!
But not sure I can swim for the next Feb tri, that’s a sprint distance.
Found out my race times: Swim 34:21; T1 2:50; Bike 1:16:40; T2 1:43; Run 51:22

Pre-race, transition zone, where do all these numbers go?

Post race smiles

And post race - think I'm ready to crash on the couch now.

My colourful cycling group, I'm not amongst them nor can I claim the credit for the photograph, though love it - for obvious reasons.

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Jane 10 years, 1 month ago

Yes, cannonpowershot700

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Andrea 10 years, 1 month ago

Women are not that much slower than the men it seems. You did well. Good piccies. Is it my camera?

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