Famous fridge food - What’s the connection?

by Jane October. 06, 2011 2126 views

Famous fridge food - What’s the connection?

It’s all to do with my ‘Screeching Fridge’ & ‘the Behind Bits’ needing de-dusting & the fan motor needed some attention.

I attended to this initially, remembering to turn off the fridge this time & thus avoiding mild electrocution, unlike my last attempt (Yeah, I’ll admit to stupidity).

So, as is 99% the case when needing a repair man in this part of the world, you can always be guaranteed of a learning experience & some challenges.

The challenges = Language, directions, cultural differences & money.

1. Language & this time around - pronunciation - hence the Famous part.

My repair man’s Sh’s sound like F’s. So on my spelling request of his name, I heard Fhamas, but later correctly figured him as Shamus, hence ‘Famous Shamus’. Nice guy, but nothing like the Hollywood famous folk.

2. Giving directions to my house always involves interpretation & misunderstanding of the preposition ‘behind’ & usually, somewhere along the course of direction explanation, one gets to utter the phrase “come out backside Carrefour”. Because people know front & back, but they can’t seem to literally figure out where the backside, or behind, of Carrefour might be.

Many phone-calls later & when Famous Shamus finally found my house, I decided the problem was cultural as well. I quizzed him on his understanding of behind, (giving him a language lesson in the process & pointing out in relation to myself front, back & side) and he said “the streets back of Carrefour” - but there are none except mine, so where he was I don’t know. I tried to figure this, but couldn’t.

I still haven’t found a solution for explaining behind.

3. On paying the bill to Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis for services rendered & on being asked how much shall I pay you, how much do you want? The answer is always “As you like”.

And there’s no getting around it.

This time I just laughed and said “Oh, you guys are all the same”.

The idea is the customer will overpay. If you don’t, you know by the scowling face straight away & the storming off. Anyhow, from Famous Shamus I got a smile. Both of us happy. I just pay what I think is a fair deal. He smiled at 100 dhs.

(about $25 to $30 for half an hour’s work with no spare parts needed bar a few drops of oil. Mind you, finding my house must have been frustrating and he could have given up!

And now, to the famous food in my fridge?


PS. I could tell you lots about fridge fan motors, coils & compressors but unless you've got fridge probs., you're probably not interested. No doubt I'll have forgotten it all for the next time I've got to work on a fridge, and cause a problem anyway - like I did when I suggested to Dad we work on his fridge a year or so ago when there was an almighty leak. We let all the air out of something & had to get a much more expensive repair man in!

PPS. I recommend Shamus - though don’t tell him I call him famous.

Behind the fridge - the black thing is the compressor & you can see the fan & Shamus's feet.

There's always an offsider - someone to carry the tools. He had a bit more than a plastic bag & a screwdriver (something my neighbour noticed about a lot of the maintenance men we get here).

And now for the famous food? And don't worry JP, I'll eat it all!

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Andrea 9 years, 4 months ago

ah "backside". One of my favourite indian words. backside rightside frontside etc. Love it.

9 years, 4 months ago Edited
Mawey 9 years, 5 months ago

haha, i very much like your storytelling! remind me a lot of one or two similar scenes i had in malaysia, although with much more shy guys whose main problem was that i was white, thus expat, thus somehow to be respected, thus causing a lot of frowning on how to screw me right (i.e. make me pay 3 times as much as a malay)... wonderful deals, so much better than being screwed over by a grumpy swiss handman who, aside of charging me 3 times as much, also makes me feel i'm a total idiot that i broke the damn thing in the first place! :-)

as for "behind", to my experience this is one of the most difficult words in ANY language. you don't have any eyes there, right? and it always smells a little like your butt... ;-)

but vegemite???????? yuck!!! aawwww, i forgot: you are a true aussie.

9 years, 5 months ago Edited
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